6 months old baby

Question: hi my baby is now 5 and half months old but he didn't try to crawl oru lie by his front is this normal?

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Answer: Try to encourage tummy time by playing with her while she is on her tummy. Lay down in front of her and try to get her to look up and push up on her arms with a noisy toy. Also, to encourage the neuron development encouraged by crawling and give her a head start, do some cross-connective exercises. With her on her back, reach opposite hand to toe. Make it a fun game you play together. Oh, and also try not to lay her on her tummy right after eating. No one likes laying on a full tummy and that could be part of the problem. (And my 6 month old isn't crawling yet either. It usually happens between 6-9 months
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Question: My baby is 10month old and he doesnt crawl yet..but he stands by himself when he is in walker. While sitting in floor,he suddenly falls front and dono how to support by his hand..help me
Answer: Hello dear There is nothing to worry as some baby will learn rarely to crawl and some are taking time. We can't compare each and every child. All are unique. It is just taking time. Every child is different. You should not worry as i think your lil one will surprise you one day by not bothering about being on her belly and being able to crawl
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