4 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby is now 4month and 4days he start rolling for one day after that he died do ...i tried to make him roll but he refused to do I'm worried

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Question: Hi how to make my baby boy roll ?he is nt rolling now just turns side
Answer: Hi mam don't worry babies will start doingthings naturally so you don't need to worry about that mum and you don't make babies to do things that may affect them they will do once they attain the particular month some babies will do litlte soon and some little late.
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Question: Hi my baby doesn't roll yet I m worried about it when will he start rolling?
Answer: Babies probably will be able to roll over when the baby is about six months or seven months, when the neck and arm muscles are strong enough. Some babies manage to roll over as early as three months, but other babies take longer than seven months. Don't worry, your baby will roll soon. Take care.
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Question: Hello my baby is 5 months old now! Still he hasn't roll over! Can any one suggest when does babies start roll over? I m worried that he wil turn only half and he's not rolling over!
Answer: Hi, dear see all baby's growth is different and they learn things on different time. Baby can start rolling over from 4-7 months of age and your baby is just 5 months so relax and give tummy time to your baby regularly and frequently that will encourage baby to roll over...
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