3 months old baby

Question: Hi, my baby is not taking bottle.... What should I do? She was taking a few days ago but bcoz of some reasons I was not able to give milk by bottle, now she is refusing

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Answer: Hello dear Tricks to get baby to drink with bottle : 1. Make a bottle that feels and tastes like mom 2. Move away from mom will not remind the baby of breastfeeding 3. Add sweetener to bottle
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    Sarita Sharma67 days ago

    Thnx dear

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Question: My baby not taking bottle she refusing the bottle what to do give some tips
Answer: hi mam usually babies will not take bottle feet once they take the breastfeed so you could continue giving this for another two days and the baby will get used to it instead of using thick rubber nibble you can buy a thing rubber nipple which is just like mothers enable these are available in market now so you can use that bottle nipple to feed baby
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Question: My baby is refusing bottle .but he was taking milk throgh bottle earlier..achnak se bnad kr dia peena..i have to join office .what should i do
Answer: Milk me thodi cheeni daal kr dedo.. baby peene lg jayega to dheere dheere cheeni bnd kr skte ho. Same prblm mere sath bhi thi bt ye formula achha raha
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Question: My 4month old was taking bottle feed since from 2months but nowadays she is refusing bottle. Plz help
Answer: My lil too did the same...consult Dr for suggestion to change the formula milk...sometimes they like to change the taste...
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