5 months old baby

Question: Hi .my baby is not keeping head straight..how i make his head straight

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Answer: hi dear it is absolutely fine if the baby is not able to keep the head straight at 5 months some babies take longer time because every baby is different and so are their developmental skills please do not Rush give a lot of tummy time to the baby so that baby starts lifting the head and the neck muscles become strong which will only help the baby to keep his head strong and straight.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My 4 month baby is always keeping his tongue out. Is this normal??
Answer: Hi, it is common in babies.it is known as tongue thrust reflex that babies are born with sticking tongue outside.this reflex typically disappears by 4-6 months, some babies continue to stick out their tongue from habit.so not to worry.take care
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Question: Hi mam..my baby 1 anf half but his weight 8.400 ..is it ok..how can i increase his weight
Answer: Weight is absolutely ok..Not weight is only important immunity, stamina n energy ia must..so give fibrous food,veggies,fruits,milk products n fluids as well
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Question: Baby is not keeping head straight while sleeping. Keeps on left side or right side. What to do?
Answer: Keep pillow on both the side of the head or round pillow under her head
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