8 months old baby

Question: Hi, my baby is not drinking enough water... When i try to give him water he immediately throw it out... Because of that his stool he has tight stool...What sould I do to make him drink more water?

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Answer: Give water in color glass it makes that attractive and before her you want to drink in that glass so it's make her to drink
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    Pardeep Kaur797 days ago

    Thank you!

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Answer: During my pregnancy I drink tender coconut and juices without ice and sugar. Curdmilk
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Question: My baby not drinking water. How to make him to drink water
Answer: Dear, If your toddler likes milk and is getting all the milk she needs, try adding a bit of extra water to her bottle. Keep trying. Babies rarely drink much to begin with and that's fine; they'll gradually drink more.. You can try to drink in her favourite bottles or cup also.
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