8 months old baby

Question: Hi.my baby is 8 months old.still he didn't get his first tooth..is delay tooth creates speech delay,or less iq baby.. please kindly give response.. what should i do to improve his growth development.. kindly answer me..

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Answer: No tooth delay is no way related to babys grown or development. My elder daughter started talking from 5th, directly started walking from 8th month, she used to stack n hide objects at 8th month but her teeth appeared at 13 months
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Question: Hi.my baby girl is 7 months old.still she has very less hair on her head.what should I do
Answer: Hello Breast feeding moms should eat meals filled with nutrient s that can help with good hair growth like almonds apricots green vegetables Curd etc Make herbal oil at home Boil coconut oil with curry leaves,aloe Vera,fenugreek seed,pepper, hibiscus,onion Let it boil for twenty to thirty minutes cool the oil then filter and store it in a container. Apply this oil 3 to 4 times a week massage lightly so the oil penetrates the scalp, hair growth is also seen after head tonsuring or mundane. Do not worry.
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Question: My baby is 8 month old .what should I give him to improve his mental ability
Answer: Babies love to hear start telling bed time stories and try to give him colours and playing dough can also help them
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Question: I have 3 months old baby boy.... His hair growth is less looks like bald... What should I do to increase his hair growth? Any suggestions please
Answer: It's common for new born and infants their hair usually start growing after 1 year
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