7 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby is 7 months old she doesn't sleep properly she gets up every half n hour at night n day time also she doesn't sleep am breast feed her how can i make her good continues sleep at least 5 hours n i too give her solids according to her age n at night every half n hour i feed its too tiring for me help plz

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Answer: Massage your baby before feeding and feed. It'll help them sleep for long.
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Question: My baby refuses to sleep ..she is very playful bt after a certain time she gets a bit cranky...ahe sleeps only for half hour (each) twice or thrice a day and sleeps for 8 hours at night and wakes up twice or thrice for feeding at night...what could i be doing wrong...im totally exhausted with this routine..n since she is now very active and playful it leaves me no time for household chores..please help !
Answer: It's because she is growing and teething. My baby boy is also going to be 10 months soon and he hardly sleeps in day time. Maximum 2-3 hrs in day time and in night time also he sleeps very late , after 11:30 and woke up at 10-11 in morning. But he wakes up 2-3 times for feed.
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Question: My baby is 2month old..n she drinks breast milk in every half n hour..n passes urine more than 10 - 12 times..is she is getting enough food..n her tummy gets full??? But..she is always crying..for sleeping by she can't having sleep..what should I do??? To get her best sleep????
Answer: Hello dear, Maybe she is suffering from colic pain make sure after every feed give her burp... Burping is the main reason.... Babies won't sleep... Feed every two hours.... Hope you got the answer if you have any questions you can ask me... Please do follow me
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Question: Nw a days my babh girls sleep continuously at nyt. I mean 4 to 5 hours so shall i make her to wake up nd feed or shall i leave her to sleep. Wt can i do plzzz tell me
Answer: Dear it's very much normal and you know yu will notice such changes frequently and it's important to breastfeed baby frequently like every 2 hour in sleep. So no need to wake baby up just feed baby in sleep .
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