11 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby is 10 months old now and I can see her teeths under the gums she is not eating any thing what should I do?

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Answer: How to relieve ur child when he or she start teething Give ur baby clean, wet, cool wash cloth to chew on. Cold objects easy the pain and reduce the urge to chew. If ur baby dont like to chew the cloth give him or her teether. Give ur baby only mashed food. U can gently massage ur baby's gums with clean finger or cold teething ring. Give ur baby pain reliever prescribed by doctor. Give ur baby extra love and play with him or her. Don't----- Do not give any medicine without asking ur doctor. Do not use clove oil on gums. Do not give hard food. Do not irritate him or her.
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Question: My 16 months baby infected with HFMD(hand,food,mouth disease). Already she is under weight and now she is not eating anything. What should I feed her?
Answer: Hi! Milk ice popscicals. if baby is accepting curd you can add mashed fruits to it. Also try foods with different temperatures like serve chilled porridge. If she is willingly accepting milk than it should be fine for few days. But do offer other liquids too. HFMD or Hand Foot Mouth Disease is basically a viral infection which targets kids below 5 years and rarely adults too.It spreads only via saliva of infected persons/babies. Babies going to day care,playschool or kids going to school become easy carriers of this virus. A baby playing with a child who had this infection by sharing toys or shaking hands might get infected . The infection gets manifested in a weeks time from exposure. To prevent this from happening pls avoid visiting common play areas ,kids with any illness ,sharing food with kids ,sharing toys with babies, it can be a normal scratch followed by severe fever (101 plus) for one days and sudden sores/lesions/blisters all over in a day. It begins with places like knee,elbow,palm,ear. Fever subsides when sores begin to spread. It has no drugs to suppress or cure. It takes its own period of time to aggravate n heal by itself.(5 -20 days). The earlier u notice the milder it is. U can apply lotions prescribed by doctor to soothe baby. Baby won't/can't eat,sleep,drink,play though baby ll wish to. Lesions n blisters will appear on bum,palm,foot,mouth n totally retard baby's movements. Soothe the baby by hugging ,making him sleep on ,carrying him. He became adamant and fussy because of pain. I prayed that these five days to run. The fever reducing medicine will also help in soothing pain n lotions ll help. I would also recommend u to visit a dermatologist if u confirm a severe HFMD.Don't share food with infected baby(even mothers). Don't isolate baby Any food at temperature is fine to given if baby accepts. Don't force feed. Avoid citrus fruits during illness. All other foods non spicy ,non hot can be given. Baby can do what ever he or she can. Don't restrict. Prayers for baby's speedy recovery..
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Question: My baby is 2yrs she is not eating any thing what can I do
Answer:  If your toddler loses interest, or seems tired, cranky or unwell, take the food away. Try to give her in a different way like custard, fruit salad, pooding etc. u can use vaggie like cutlet, veg sandwich, fried vegetables rice etc. Sometimes toddlers want to try new foods if you just keep trying. Make mealtimes a happy, regular and social family occasion – sit together to eat with your toddler whenever possible. Show your toddler how much you enjoy eating the food you’ve prepared. Get your toddler involved in helping to prepare and cook family meals. Offer new foods when you and your toddler are relaxed and she isn’t too tired or distracted by other things . Set a time limit of about 20 minutes for a meal. If your toddler hasn’t eaten the food, take it away and don’t offer an alternative snack or meal. Serve your toddler the same foods as the rest of the family. Your toddler will get the nutritional benefits of a wide range of foods, and accept new tastes and textures as ‘normal’. Offer new foods with foods that your toddler already knows and likes. Keep offering new foods. It can take 10-15 tries for children to accept and enjoy new foods. If your toddler refuses something, offer it again in a week or so. Your toddler might gobble it up and even ask for more – a toddler’s interest in food can fluctuate wildly. Let your toddler touch, lick and play with food, and allow for some mess as she learns to eat. Let your toddler feed himself and give him some help if he needs it.  
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Question: Hi my baby is 10 months old now and she hasn't got any of her teeths yet is it normal
Answer: It is normal for teething to start at any time between 3 months and 12 months of age. By the time your child is about 3 years old, he or she will have all 20 primary teeth.
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