9 months old baby

Question: hi my baby is 9 months old.Is it ok to give her fully cooked egg yolk daily for proteins?Some advice to start with egg white.is it ok?Also please suggest some protein rich food for 9 months.

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Answer: Egg yolk is good enriched with proteins...some babies are allergic to egg whites...
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    AMEL PAKKATH1086 days ago

    Is it true that babies egg yolk is difficult to digest?

Answer: You give full cooked egg to ur baby n mix dal and almond r also give ur baby
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Question: My baby is 9 months old.can I give egg to her? Which one I give first yolk or egg white?
Answer: Hello dear Yes, you can give your baby eggs. You can scramble, poach, boil, or fry eggs for your baby, or share an omelette with him. See what your baby likes best.  You can also give your baby foods containing cooked egg, such as custard.  When you give egg to your baby for the first time, just give him a mouthful or two to be on the safe side. 
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Question: My baby is 1 year old.is it ok to give almonds for her??
Answer: Ya it's k but make sure like puree type not like whole almond .overnight soak it and grind it after that u can feed it
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Question: Is it ok to feed egg yolk to 9 months old for proteins?Please suggest some protein rich food for babies less than 1 year old
Answer: Ys I can give half egg yolk n see it's suit to her or not
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