11 months old baby

Question: Hi... My baby is 10 months old... I just want to know that can i give him boiled egg

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Answer: Hie You may introduce egg in your baby's diet post 7 months of age However give the yellow part only avoid egg whites untill your baby turns 1 year old As egg white may contain allergens that can be harmful for your baby Always ensure you offer well cooked egg to your baby whether it is whites or yolk as under cooked egg may carry bacteria that can be harmful to the baby
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. It is the white of the egg that is allergenic and not the yolk. Many pediatricians say that introducing egg yolks are typically fine for the non-allergic baby around 8 months old. However please consult your pediatrician before offering any first food for thr baby, below the age of 1. Take care.
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    Anisha Singh999 days ago

    Thank you for your advice

Answer: Hi, yes boiled egg has lot of protein which is good for the baby and is healthy and safe too .so go ahead Take care
Answer: S u can give boiled eggs...starting with yolk... Boil it nd give along with rice Scrambled egg is much better...
Answer: Yeah u can .. my baby is nearly 12 mnths old but she likes only half done egg....should b in liquid form..
Answer: s u can give egg
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