8 months old baby

Question: Hi.. My baby is 8.5 months old. From last two days she is passing hard stool 7-8 times in a day. What to do plz suggest?

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Answer: Hard stools are absolutely palette shape or your baby is crying while going potty your baby is going potty once in three or four days that means your baby is constipated and to relieve constipation you will have to alter her diet giving rise twice a day or giving rice at dinner time causes constipation in babies so make sure you are also giving ghee with all her feedings. If you have started matching chapati then I will advise you to make chapati out of multigrain Atta you can make your own homemade multigrain Atta by taking one kg of each maze Jo Bajra wheat and Chana because multigrain Atta from market may not suit baby also increase her fruit serving you can give fruits twice a day you can make puri of fruits such as guava watermelon and feed her to relieve constipation it is important you can visit your pediatrician if your baby is not going potty more than 4 or 5 days because then your baby will be requiring evict suspension or nulax suspension to clear the existing potty retained inside her intestine
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Answer: Hi...give Rice Water to your baby because it will help in from for digestion...you should give healthy and homemade food so give homemade Cerelac Ragi porridge Rice Water moong dal mashed banana matched Chiku...take care
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Question: my baby is 7 n half months old...n from last two days she poo 8-9 times in a day.. what can i do ?
Answer: Hi. Is your baby teething? Please check. But make sure you give your baBy plenty of water to drink as she can get dehyderated.
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Question: My 10 months old baby cries lot while passing stool and stools are hard she passes once in two days. What to do? Plz suggest
Answer: give hear water to drink, as well as fruit juices help relif
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