3 months old baby

Question: Hi...my baby is 4 months old..and now i have noticed that my breast milk whiteness has reduced today and started coming like little watery milk why this happens?..can anything be done for this ?

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Answer: Hi. Its fore milk dear. Breast milk is of two type, one that comes in starting and is trasparent watery liquid its called fore milk as baby feeds the milk becomes thick by end and contains most of the nutrients and fat its called hind milk. A baby need 1/4 th of fore milk and rest hind milk for proper growth. These both type of milk is formed in every women so in you. So just dont worry and feed your baby from one breast till end so that baby gets proper fat which would increase babies weight.
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    uppuluri bhanu60 days ago

    Thanks a lot my friend..it was really helpful

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Question: Breast milk has been reduced.. Drop by drop milk is coming.. My baby is now 2 month old..
Answer: You have to drink lots of water eating healthy and protine rich food and feed your baby in every two hours some food helps in increasing milk so try those like green vegetables ,milk ,almonds , fenugreek , sabudana cooked in milk etc
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Question: Hello my baby has 4 months old now she has take milk very low breast milk why
Answer: Hi.. Dear to tell you frankly, the best way of increasing breast feed is nurse, nurse and nurse your baby. Also, it is very important that your baby takes feed in the correct way. If he/she is unable to latch on to the nipple or is in the wrong position, he/she will find it hard to feed.  Moreover, include oatmeal, fenugreek, garlic, spinach, green leafy vegetables and dry fruits, in your diet.. It will give you some and in breast milk production..
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Question: its now 5th month starting. today i noticed some watery thing coming from my breast. is it ok.??
Answer: Hello dear Leaking clear, creamy-white or yellowish discharge from your breasts is a sign that your body is prepping to breastfeed your baby. It tends to happen toward the end of the third trimester, but can occur anytime after five or six months. The fluid you see is called colostrum, which is a precursor to the real milk you'll start producing a few days after delivery.
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