3 months old baby

Question: Hi...my baby is 3 months old and i have noticed that my milk supply keeps varying.... if today it is good two dYs later it wil bminimal... i am taking garlic,granules,jeera,horlicks, Am eating really well also but this problem doesnot solve.... wat can b done?

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Answer: Hello dear, along with other veg curries, eat kheema curry which is cooked with raw papaya everyday.. U can also have lauki or ash gourd curry or dal.everyday. even having ridge gourd(beerakaya) curry is more helpful. One more tip, have 1/2 tsp of fenugreek seeds(swallow with water),then have a betel leaf with saunf(fennel) seeds. Drink milk at night atlst. I tried these and found helpful when i was feeding my 1st baby.
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Question: Hi all.. My baby is 49 days old and did not drink my BM properly even once. He was born 20days before due date by c-section. Initially I had BM but he wasn't able to suck due to flat nipple, later I couldn't give him time due to some problem at my home. Now I try feeding him but he doesn't suck at all and my BM is almost finished, only a drop or two. I am taking lactogen granules, eating porridge once in 2 days and drinking milk twice a day, is there any hope that my BM can still increase n he will drink it? I tried expressing but it's hardly few drops after 15-20 minutes of pumping and now that also hurts.. Please give a realistic reply.. Thankyou so much..
Answer: 1.Before breast feeding drink 2 glass of water.it helps to increase your lactation. 2.If Your baby sucks a lot,your breast automatically produce milk..so you try to suck your nipple...his sucking only produce enough milk not a pumping machine. 3.have more garlic in your food...garlic tamarind curry,milk with garlic- and liquid form of rice with garlic. 4.Take 5 milk rusk and soak it into the milk..eat this twice a day 5.drink coconut water,fresh juice etc 6.consult with your doctor...he prescribe some tablets and powder to increase your lactation... 7.Be happy..no worries...stay stress free..bcz your stress affects your lactation Be a happy mom💕💕💕
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Question: Hi moms.. Please help me.. From day 1 after my delivery, I m having low milk supply. Done all the possibilities Taken healthy diet which includes fenugeek, jeera. Garlic, fish, mutton.. Etc.. Etc.. In addition I had 0.5 litre of milk, mothers horlicks, gallact, lacton c granules, karate tablet, 3 litres of water. But nothing helped. Hardly get 50 ml. Ended up in giving formula. But now my baby is not taking anything. She wants me to feed all the day. She just sucks and cry or sleep after some time. What shal I do?? please help me mommies.
Answer: Take shatavari kalp i 1 cup of milk 2 times daily..you can eat vegetables mostly greenveggie and mirxer of dryfruits like almond..kaju.. coconut...kharik
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