15 months old baby

Question: hi, my baby is 3 months old and his eyes are watering and has sticky eyes l..please advise

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Answer: Hlo,meri beti bhut zidhi ho gye he woh kisi ki baat nhi sunti woh one month or 3 month ki hai. use bahar lai k jati hu k uski thodi zid khatam ho pr kuch farak nhi pd raha use bulayo toh dekhti b nhi ignore krti hai sab ko bhut tym k baad respone deti hai. plz kuch batayo uske liye mai kya kru
    Answer: hello... dear, it could be due to cold. Clear the eyes with a cotton dipped in water and keep wiping the tears with a clean cotton cloth Also please consult the doctor for this.
    Answer: Try Toba eye drops. If it doesnt stop, consult the pediatrician.
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    Question: One of my baby eyes is watering and sticky. Yellow dirt is coming out from his eyes and my baby is 2 months old
    Answer: Your baby has sticky eye, the tear ducts are blocked. Gently massaging the areas near the eyes and nose may help in opening the blocked ducts. You can also use eye drops (antibiotic) to prevent infection after consulting with doctor
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    Question: One month baby. His eyes are watering and very sticky for last 2 days???
    Answer: Hi,Dear this is a problem of almost all newborn baby as there eye duct take time to get unclogged.massaging the near eyeon the side of the nose.Clean the eyes frequently with soft cotton cloth dipped in cold water,Usually any eyeproblem will disappear when baby is growing, nothing to worry about you can put if your breast feeding you can put your milk in water drops in baby's eye that will help too,take care
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    Question: My baby is 3 months old..his eyes are becoming sticky due to cold..please advise some home remedies..
    Answer: Hi...hope ur baby is fine...Put ajwain in a clean cloth and tie a knot.. put it infront of his nose so that he can smell it.. it helps a lot
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