4 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby is 4 months 3 days old and i want to loose my weight

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Answer: It's better not to go on any diet if you are breastfeeding. Because 6 month is the exclusive breastfeeding time for babies . As the babies grow you will lose weight accordingly You can rely on exercises to lose weight but never cut the food because, it may result in lack of breastmilk which is an essential for the baby And if you want to lose the bellypouch its better to cure diastisis recti first and then go for the exercises which reduces the belly fat. Otherwise the exercises will only worsen your belly conditions
Answer: Hello dear. I lost 16 kgs with the help of yoga and walking. Did 2 hours of physical activity which had 1 hour of walking and 1 hour of yoga which helped in getting ttat extra kgs to loose. Hope it helps
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Question: My baby is 2 months old..nd i want to loose my weight. Can I ??
Answer: Yes u can loose weight dear but I would suggest giving ur body some more time to regain strength and get back to normal. Also start mild walking and yoga this will accelerate the healing process and will make u healthy internally gradually once u gain ur strength back u can start mild exercises.
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Question: My baby is 3 months and 19 days old. She is feeling hungry after 3 -4 hours. Scared if my loose her weight
Answer: It's normal for 3-4 month babies to require feed every 3-4 hrs. Feed on demand is the best way to feed
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Question: How to loose weight and belly fat post pregnancy my baby is 4 months old
Answer: Dear what worked for me waa yoga for an hours and walk for an hour daily. This 2 hours dedicated exercises helped in losing 16kgs in a span of 4 months. I also became fitter and healthier with this regime. Hope it helps.
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