10 months old baby

Question: Hi. My baby is 10 months. Can i give potato juice with honey to my baby for increase appetite. Because my baby is refused every food. Only take milk. Plz tell me what can I do.

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Answer: U give him rice dal khichdi daliya banana biscuits there are so many options for him
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Question: Hi every one....my baby is 10 months old can i give potato daily in her lunch food
Answer: you can give potato in Alternative days . because if you give daily she won't like it and she will refuse to eat potato . introduce new variety of fruits daily . one day you can give Apple the day you can give banana the next day you can give sweet potatoes like that you can change .
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Question: Hi my baby is 10 months old. He's not eating any food because of teething. His weight is 1.5 kg at birth. Now he's 6.3kg. Is it OK.?? Plz suggest me what can I give him for increase appetite???
Answer: Hello dear Morning gv ragi malt with jeera powder bit ghee n salt r idly or kichidi....after noon add dal rice vegetables each day one one same one garlic salt jeera ghee it should bowl nicely keep in cooker fr 3 to 5 vessels serve. Night change shall add pulses ..in between gv orange banana in afternoon n evening
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Question: Can I give honey to my baby with warm milk... My baby is 23 months now
Answer: Hi! Yes, now is a safe time to give honey, it is not recommended in babies less than a year old. Also start with small quantity initially to see how babies react to new food.
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Question: My baby is crying at evening because of appetite. Can I give milk powder for baby with breastfeeding
Answer: Hi if you are able to feel your baby for 15 to 20 minutes from each side that means the milk is sufficient also if the baby is gaining proper weight and is passing urine good number of times it indicates that your feet is 5 baby is crying does not necessarily means that baby is hungry baby will also feel cranky and will cry when the baby has colic you should consult the doctor and take advice if required and if you feel is not sufficient then you can start with formula Milk but only under consultation with your doctor.
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