4 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby is 3 months and 16 days old am getting alot of hair fall and i have lost a weight also am breast feeding my baby need some advice for my problem

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Question: Hi i have a baby boy of 3 and half month and my baby is getting hair fall problem plz tell why is it happening
Answer: Within the first few months of baby's arrival, it's natural for hair loss to occur because of hormone levels and the rapid rate at which a baby grows. While you can't make a healthy baby's hair grow, it is crucial to take care of your baby's scalp. make sure you give healthy nutritious diet full of vegetables, fruits, milk and milk products. also keep the scalp clean with regular oiling and shampooing. if by 2 years of age hair growth is not seen, then you must consult the paediatrician.
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Question: Hii....my baby is 5 months old. After delivery i lost my weight a lot. Why?...eating properly also...am breast feeding.
Answer: Hi,it is because breast feeding is the secret of loosing weight andas you are breast feeding your baby ,you have lost weight. Don't worry. When you stop feeding you will again Hain weihjr
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Question: i am facing hair fall problem and my baby is 3 months old plz suggest some effective remedy
Answer: i am also facing the same but this time no remedy or treatment works it will be get normal after few months
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