6 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby is 6 month old. Shell i give almond milk to him

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Answer: Hello dear... Almonds are good source of energy,it is loaded with protein , calcium and vitamin A,needed for baby's brain health and overall development,but nuts are usually hard to digest,since your baby is six months,their digestive system are not fully developed,you can introduce almond milk at nine months,so that it can be digested well
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Question: My baby is 8 months old. Can i give him almond powder with formula milk?
Answer: Hello, Yes dear ! Almonds you can give daily to little baby in milk or in any other form. Its completely healthy and safe so don't worry.. You must check daily videos and tips on the app they are quite knowledgeable and good. Your baby's daily growth chart and important milestone will be there and can guide you through.Also there is live doctor session so you can ask questions related you or lil champ there.. mom's chat group is also there so you can connect to many mom's and have a chit chat there and share your experiences or learn there. So do check daily. Its quite helpful..
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Question: Hii my baby is 4 month old....shell i give almond milk
Answer: Until your baby is 6 months old, theyshould drink only breast milk or formula. After 6 months, solid foodscan gradually replace breast milk or formula, but your baby shouldn't haveany kind of milk until after their first birthday.
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Question: Can i give almond milk to my 8months old baby
Answer: Hello! Almonds milk can be given. If she did not have previously almonds, then make sure you keep a watch for any allergic reactions. Take care
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