3 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby is 3 month old.. She is passing stool once in 4 days.. Still she had prob in passing stool what to do?

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Answer: 3 months old is a growth period and it may very well be that your baby is actually making use of practically all of the nutrition you’re giving her. Especially if she is breastfed, not pooping for a few days (up to a week or more actually) is completely normal at her age. Fully breastfed babies do not get constipated – they practically can’t, because they absorb everything in the breast milk. If a fully breastfed baby stops pooping, it is because they digest everything
Answer: Hi dear Happy to help you A breast fed baby will pass stools in 4 to 5 days somti4even morr then that. A formula feed baby poops every day. So it is normal. Hope my answer was helpful.
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Question: My baby is 2months 15 days old. She have to pass stool 3 to 4 days once .She is crying because of stomach pain . What to do for baby to passing stool
Answer: Hi,she may be having has or is it that her motions are.constipated and are had.if yes consult to tour dr.also tou should include this in your diet. Have adequate water.have fibrous food like green veggies and carrots Have nuts like prunes and figs. Have oats and banana.this should help the baby.apply Hing paste to the naval of the baby.this will also help
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Question: My 2 months old baby poop ( passing stool ) once in 2-3 days is it normal ??
Answer: it is normal, specially if she is on exclusive breast feed , cause almost all of it is absorbed by the body and there is not much left to poo out.Start massaging her little belly giving a little pressure, in a clockwise motion (this helps clogged gas and poop to move through the intestines)..it is effective.
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Question: My baby is 1 month 3 days old. He is passing gases daily and passing stool once in 4-5 days. Is this normal??
Answer: if he is passing stools with difficulty , hard d stools that means baby is dehydrated. if stools are no normal nothing to worry. and it's good he passes gas. if it smells then he has digestion problem. you can add dill seeds(sowa) in your diet. fennel also.
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