3 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby is 3 month old...how can i know that my breastmilk is bsufficient to him. He passes urine 7 to 8 times a day...but sometimes the urine is less amount...so what does it means ?

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Answer: I do not worry usually the baby should pursue your in about 10 to 12 times in a day or yes the frequency is a little over one not worry you should consult to doctor to be on the safest iron and continue to feed a baby every 2 hours for at least 15 to 20 minutes from each side and it is very important for you to have a healthy nutritious diet which will give sufficient nutrition to the baby for his growth and development
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Question: Hi.. how many times does a 6 month old baby passes urine in a day
Answer: Hello dear. It is nit fixed as all babies are different. As babies start with semi solids so yes the number of times passing urine reduces but exact number can't be told. My daughter used to pass urine after every 45 min after she was 6 month old and doc said it is normal. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby passes urine more than 12 to 15 times a day is it normal ..I feel he drinks less milk but passes urine frequently after feed
Answer: Hi. No dear 12-15 times urine is fine to have. If peeing this many times it only means that baby is ahving enough milk so dont be worried. Also keep an eye on babies weight gain if baby gains 1kg a month till 4 month then baby is having enough milk.
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Question: My 3 month old baby passes urine so many times a day nd cries before pee.is it normal
Answer: Hello! There is no problem in passing urine so many times. Also crying before peeing is normal in babies and that is not a problem dear. There is nothing to worry about. Take care
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