9 months old baby

Question: Hi, my baby is 9 month old,he pooped four times and putting pressure while doing it.

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Answer: It's normal due to milk intake. Try to give raisins and guava often he will be fine
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Question: My baby is 5months 15days old ..He is putting pressure while peeing and has gas while putting pressure..Please suggest if there is anything to consider..
Answer: Some Ways to Relieve Baby's Constipation 1.) Increase Water Consumption. Whether your baby is breast or bottle fed, it's easy to assume she's getting enough water due to a primarily liquid diet 2.) Offer Fruit Juice 3.) Feed High-Fiber Foods 4.) Give Your Baby “Bicycle Legs” 5.) Try a Different Brand of Formula 6.) Take Your Baby's Temperature 7.) Massage Her Tummy 8.) Give Him a Warm Bath. Hope this helps.
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Question: My daughter is putting pressure while doing potty
Answer: Hi dear, I know it must be tough to see baby having even a slightest discomfort, but don't worry as per my experience there are many things you can do to help relieve baby’s constipation. You can change baby’s feeding pattern and/or engage in some physical exercises. Tummy Massage – Gently massage and rub baby’s tummy in a clockwise direction. Place your hands at baby’s navel and massage in a circular motion, moving your hand(s) out and away from the center of baby’s belly. Bicycle Legs – Place your baby on her back and lightly hold her legs in a half-bent position.  Gently begin to move your baby’s legs as if she is riding a bicycle. Alternate “Bicycle Legs” with Tummy Massage.  *”Bicycle Legs” also may help to relieve a baby who is gassy. A Warm Bath – Some medical professionals suggest giving your constipated baby a warm bath.  The thought is that this may help relax baby and “get things moving” again. Give a tummy massage as you are drying baby.
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Question: My baby has pooped four times and her poop is liquid brown... what to do?
Answer: Hi dears, after birth for 3-4 days baby passes maconium or black colour stool. As soon as baby start breast feeding the poop colour started changing in brown,orange even green or gradually yellow. So, its normal to have brown colour poop in nrwborns. Even the multivitamin supplements also cobtribute such colour in poop. Dont worry, its normal.
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