6 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby is 7 month old DD n she has got small pimple on her legs and hands.. Visited to doctor she said ita a viral virus which now a days small children's aged from 6 months to 5 years are suffering from.. She said till the time she is taking her diet properly nothing to worry.. N have give Lacto calmin lotion to put on.. Is there any thing to worry about that.. She told it will cure after 5-6,days..

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Answer: It is very important to note if you are baby develop the fever after the pimples developed or also if your baby is taking poor diet and has painful source that can develop in mouth and throat then this can be a more severe form of viral which is known as hand foot and mouth disease. So I will advise you too closely monitor your baby and whenever you see that the pimples have grown in their size or there is fluid discharge from the pimples it is very important that you see your pediatrician the same day continue the diet try to give more of liquid diet such as doodh daliya and doodh Makki Ki raab . Try to include more of milk more of water give more soups this will help to flush out the bacteria and viruses
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    Rita Pawar869 days ago

    Yes she had fever yesterday... N has also she has a ulcers in her mouth... She is crying out loud... Visited paed she has given Atarx drops n asked to monitor for fever n asked to inform asap if the fluids discharge from the pimples

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    Dr.Priyanka Patel869 days ago

    True. So he alsp supects what i have told you. It can beva hand foot and mouth disease. Do not worry keep taking the medication and give diet rich in fluid.

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