11 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby is 10 month + he like to eat oats can i give him he don't like kheer

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Answer: Hi dear, You could make oatmeal by using rolled oats or organic ones,boil it in little water for 3 minutes or till its cooked.add a mashed banana or boiled mashed apple.you an feed the baby little little,as the texture of oats is little gooey or sticky.you could also dry roast the oats,and cook in similar way.end of the cooking you can also add formula milk or breast milk to dilute it further.do not use cow milk till 1 year,as babies find it difficult to digest it.anf some babies also develop Allergy.
Answer: Yes dear, you can give, if your baby don't like sweet oats, prepare with lots of vegetables ang give him.
Answer: It ll reduce weight of ur baby
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Question: Hiii maam...my baby has 10 months old,he is interested to eat semiya kheer..can i give to him
Answer: hello dear your baby is 10 months old if your baby is to interested to take the seviya Kheer you can give its completely safe for baby as it's made by the Suji which is healthy for baby .as oji s rich source of iron and potassium, suji helps improve haemoglobin levels in the body and keep the heart strong as well. The presence of proteins in suji, along with carbohydrates, vitamin B andvitamin E make it an all-around nutritious choice.try it
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Question: My baby is not eating anything ....he is only drinking milk .... i give him oats, khichdi ,custard ,sooji kheer ...whatever i give him he leaves all those things
Answer: Hello dear,its because of getting teeth or baby crawling may be the reasons.Can do changing in giving diet and introduce new food for the baby like banana,egg yolk,ragi,upma.As you feeding let the baby hold the food with hands and make him happy with toys or toddler whatever he likes,he will be for sure enjoy his food.
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Question: My boy is 1 year 2 and half month....can i give him oats to eat
Answer: Yes dear, u can give ur 1 yr old baby oatmeal. As it is rich in fiber and provides energy to ur baby which he needs every morning.
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Question: my baby is 7 month 10 days old ... can I give him oats ...
Answer: Hii yes surely u can give oats. That is one of the best food for babies as it is easy to digest and very versatile in nature. U can make anything like oats porridge, oats khichdi, oats tikki, oats idli,oats dosa. It give instant energy and good for baby to gulp All the best.
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