2 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby is keeping her thumb finger in mouth... if I take it she s crying .... if she s hungry she s not crying first she keeping her finger... can any say any solution ?

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Answer: Keep the gloves to the hands so that she will not keep the hands in mouth
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    Sanjana Logeshwaran453 days ago

    Thank u... @priya yadav

Answer: mine also..as soon as he does it u offer milk.
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Question: My baby is 102 days old she is not asking for milk always keeping finger in her mouth...What should I do to feel her hungry???any medicine
Answer: Hi Mum there is no medicine for babies under 6 months to increase the appetite the baby is not take good friend because she is sleeping shopping goes on mouth when babies keep fingers on mouth that will reduce the appetite and also don't take proper feed so you should not allow baby to keep finger on mouth whenever you see baby keeping please try to take it out you can cover the babies hand with cloth is also help baby not to give on mouth
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Question: Hi, i am feed my baby when she is in hungry.... but she tries to suck her thumb finger... is that good she sucking her thumb finger?
Answer: Put baby mittens when ever she sucks thumb .cotton mittens are available at any baby store. For few months, habbit will go soon.
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Question: hi my LO is 5 months 25 days old she is keeping her toe finger in her mouth can i know the reason. is it any problem
Answer: Graham says God gives milk it's nothing will happen but teeth will come out know that time you have remove
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