12 months old baby

Hi, my baby is going to turn 1 year on 25th December. And we are travelling to chennai for a weak. Can you please me what all things I need to carry for him and what food can I give him while travelling as we are going by train.

You should pack some cookies, pancake, fruit, if baby is taking formula milk then carry it also. U can pack some these kind of food. You should carry some diapers, baby all clothes and his favorite toys, Winter stuff. Which keep baby warm. Blanket etc. U should carry his medicine too. Rest you will know when you pack baby stuff.
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Question: Hi....What all the things do we need to carry during labour for baby and mother ? Could you please list out the things for baby and mother ??
Answer: Copies of your medical records. Slippers. Cotton socks (if the weather is cold) Massage oil or lotion if you would like to be massaged during your labour. Lip balm. Snacks and drinks, if permitted by the hospital. Things to help you relax or pass the time,such as books, magazines, games and so on. Mobile phone and charger. Make sure you have enough credit to send out announcement messages! Toiletries. A hairband. You might want your hair tied up or pulled back. Water spray bottle and wet wipes to freshen up. Music to listen to. Some hospitals may provide CD players. Pillows and cushions to make you more comfortable. They will come in handy after birth while breastfeeding, too.
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Question: What all the things do we need to carry in hospital bag for baby and mother ?
Answer: for baby- cap clothes dupatta towel bedsheet huggies for mother- nighty or night suit duptta bedsheet slepper peticot pads maternity bra panties moisturizer towel
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Question: what do we need to take care while travelling by train in first trimester?
Answer: Hello! train journey are considered to be the safest journey during pregnancy Carry extra pillows or cushions to make yourself comfortable. Don't sit for long hours, get some walk in between. Always use the bathroom, whenever you feel the urge to use. Carrying water, food and all important medicines Don't bend or pick anything heavy object. Lastly, don’t consult your doctor before the start of the journey.
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