5 months old baby

Hi, My baby is getting red rashes on forehead and head . Actually we came to another city.So if it is due to climate change or hot climate Plz suggest me some home remedies.

Hi dear, You can apply calamine lotion on rashes to sooth it.donot apply any cream,powder or oil on them.you can also apply aloe Vera gel on the rashes.it should be fine in few days.
It can be because of the hot. Climate. Apply calamine lotion. The rasehes will fade away
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Question: Hi i am in 40th week now. Affected by cold due to climate change. Please suggest some remedies. Will it affect my baby?
Answer: Use ayurvedic sitopladi churna with honey.. for relief of cold
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Question: Hi..my baby is 8th month old..he got rashes on his cheeks and nose and forehead.. please suggest me some home remedies..
Answer: Hello mam, Once you will understand the type of rashes that baby has, you will find the right way to treat it with easy home remedies. Some common cause are food, pet or kind of dust allergies or any chemical reaction . Try this home remedies hope it will work. Firstly try to breast milk, it is very effective remedy. You can apply breastmilk to the affected area. It has antibodies that help in treating the rashes. In addition, there is no risk of your baby developing an allergic reaction . Second remedy is oatmeal mix oatmeal with warm water and bath your baby with this water. This will provide relief from rashes. Oatmeal has natural hydrating properties which help in moisture retention.and apply coconut oil two three times daily.
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Question: Hi ,My baby got red pimples on head, forehead,I think it's due to over heat.So plz suggest me some home remedies for curing this.And can i use hot water for my baby bath.I heard that babies bath water should be lukewarm.Can I use hot water for bathing
Answer: Pimple on baby forehead may not necessarily be due to heat. It could be due to mild skin fungus infection avoid rubbing oil and cream for few days as this may led to increase in the redness keep the baby bed clean and keep extra hygiene of hands while touching the baby avoid frequent touching of the area with naked hands better watch for changes if increase take advice of skin specialist take care
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