1 months old baby

Question: hi my baby is 1 mnth 15 dys old she stares in backward direction some says it will b a eye prblm in future wat shld i do plz help

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Answer: Hii generally in new born baby it feels like dis but not necessarily any issue with babies eye. But if u feel so then contact a doctor for once.
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Question: Hai my baby is 16months old she is not walking im so tensed plz help me wat i shld do
Answer: Hi dear, dont get upset.some babies re takes time to walk...it can be around 18 months.. if she stands for long..den there is no prob at all. she might be not confident..so mke her confident.. and slowly leave her hand while walking.otherwise pls consult pediatrician.
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Question: My baby crawls backward .. when she looks up her eye balls will be in opposite direction like squint eye ... After few seconds it comes to normal. Y is so ..
Answer: Hai. Crowling back is normal. But eye balls in opposite direction is not a good sign. Their eyes may effected. Never look baby from backside or from up. Always have a front eye to eye contact with baby. It wil ok in some time. Take care of d listed things
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Question: My is 13 mnths old but she dint get a single teeth till now, wat will b d reason is it normal or thrs any prblm plz answer
Answer: Hello dear, Some babies take time in teething. Have you ever seen a person without teeth? Jokes apart, you can consult a pediatrician if you're worried. You can ask for calcium supplements.
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