Few weeks old baby

Question: hi... my baby is 25 dys old boy... and he is on breastmilk... bt problem is he is going for motion only one tym in a day... and my baby hv also gas problem... wht to do??? plz suggest..

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Answer: Dear....Mix castor oil and bm ..each 1spoon..gv t to baby at mrng..its clr the baby stomach....
Answer: Apply castor oil on the baby's navel..
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Question: My 25 days baby gas problem eany solution many more times going to liqved tip motion same time gas also going pls tell me eany advice
Answer: Hello dear If ur baby is having gas then Just try follow following tips : 1. Give ur baby proper Burp after every feed. Atleast 2 to 3 Burp should come. Ur baby will feel good 2. Don't lie ur baby on the bed immediately after feeding 3. Change ur baby diapers after every three hours 4. Apply hing on ur baby's tummy will give her relief
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Question: Hello Dr my baby poop once a day ...he is only on breastmilk..is it normal..and when he will able to digest milk completely so he can also skip one or two days to poop out...plz reply
Answer: Hi,it's ok if the baby poops once a day thee is nothing to worry in that..even if the baby passes motion once in two days it is ok and there is nothing to worry
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Question: Im not having a motion, this problem is from one month. Due to that i have stomach pain, and also gas problem. Plz suggest me plz
Answer: Have elaichi bananas, drink lots of fluids, have fenugreek.
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