2 months old baby

Question: Hi.. my baby is 70 days old.. today morning i saw reddish colour like haemorrhage in corner of right eye.. whats that?? Plz suggest

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Answer: Is it because of trauma as he is continuously moving his head in upright position
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Question: Hi mam my son's right eye is reddish in colour is there any problem???
Answer: Hello Dear firstly don't self medicate the child. *Yu can use sift cotton cloth to delicately clean his eye from out. *Soak a cotton balm either in normal water or cold water n slowly keep on yur babies eyes *Yu or baby don't rub eyes it will cause more itchiness. Take yur baby to pediatrician he will check and according provide medication n eye drops.
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Question: Hi my baby is 3 months old, 4th is running today I saw that her right eye is slightly cross why so is there something serious
Answer: newborn baby's eyes to wander cross up to 4 months normal. but if your baby's eyes seem crossed most of the time, then go to doctor.
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Question: My son eyes are red in the corner of his right eye. It last for 5 days. Y
Answer: Hi, as a mother's are always worried about our kids. Eye can be red due to any dust particle entering the eye. Or it can be due to some infection. Wash the eyes with normal water use dry and clean cloth to keep the eye dry. However if the redness persist or increases you should show to your Dr ,he may give you some drops. Don't worry it will go away. Relax. Love to your baby
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