1 months old baby

Question: Hi...my baby is 23 days old....she started having nan pro1 from past 3 days.....she pees a lot after it ......n puke a litl even after burp....than she demand for more milk...wt to Do? this is making her uncomfortable and can't sleep properly

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Answer: I asked her doc.....he suggested me to reduce the quantity of her milk......if the baby is having 30 ml at one take reduce it to 15 ml....n if baby demands give thm again bt low quantity....this vl reduce thyr pee tym...
Answer: same problem..even my baby is having nan
Answer: i m facing same issue dear
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Question: My baby is 26 days old... she has got viral cold... she is coughing and her nose is getting blocked and making whistling noise..... she can't breathe properly.... we showed her to the doctor and he prescribed some syrup and saline nose drops.... but the syrup is making her sleep for more than 7hrs ...... plz helo me
Answer: Boil some water and pour 3 drops of eucalyptus oil in it and keep it in babies room. Repeat if necessary. Any mucus in her nose clean them with nose cleaner. If u don't see any mucus hold her upright for 2 minutes. Nose blocks will clear. Paracetamol tonic is enough for baby. 1ml for 3 times in a baby. Rub babyrub vicks on her chest feet. She will get relief.
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Question: Hi .my baby is 46 days.. She wake up full night.. She can't sleep... More and more she crying a lot... Wt can I do for baby sleep..
Answer: Hello ! Your baby must be crying due to colic pain common in babies . It happens due to the gas stuck in stomach . Help your baby to release the gas by giving a massage to the tummy by using oil and hing . Also try cycling exercise by pumping her legs. During day when she is in playful mood ,give her tummy time . Hope this helps you Take care
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Question: My baby girl is 2.5 months old.. After her feed at night she tends to sleep making it difficult for me to burp her.. Even if I place her on my shoulder to burp her she does not burp as she is sleeping. Kindly advise whether I should burp her after her feed or just let her sleep
Answer: Hi.. mom.. few babies take more time to burp.. n may not even burp while sleeping.. even I had same problem with my son.. docter advice me to burp him after every feed and also asked place him on my shoulder for at least half an hour after feed to avoid gastric reflux.
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