2 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby is 72 days old she is smiling her own way but she doesn't recognize any one is it oky r when does she recognize people and smile

Answer: Hi,how can you say that she is not able to recignize anyone,the fact that baby is smiling means that baby is able to express emotions which us a healthy sign Try and call your baby and see if she responds to it Don't worry your baby is fine
Answer: Hello! Recognizing the people and smiling will take a little more time. This is normal and nothing to be worried about. Also milestones achievement differ from baby to baby. Hence don't worry and relax. Take care.
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Question: hi my baby girl is 56 days old.. and she smiles looking at few objects near her but she doesn't smile at people.
Answer: By the time she's 1 or 2 months old, yourbaby will have learned to focus both eyes and will be able to track a moving object left and right, though she may already have been able to do this for brief periods since birth. ... By 8months, your baby's vision is strong enough to recognize people and objects across the room.
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Question: My child is 42 days old. When wl she start looking at people n smile?
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Question: My baby is very active smiling in home.., but when went outside he never look people faces and not even smile to face including mine. Why?
Answer: Hello dear, I think baby don't feel comfortable outside. Let him meet to another people, it will help to make him social.
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