1 months old baby

Question: hi frns. My baby is 17 days old. My nipples are getting cracks. It was paining during breastfeeding. Anyways to cure the cracks? plz suggest me

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Answer: Apply nipccare ointment after every feed. And clean it before feeding again. It is very helpfull.
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    Pooja Aggarwal991 days ago

    n apply ur breastmilk after n before feed

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Question: I'm breastfeeding my 10 months baby. From last 2-3 days it's getting painful as there are cracks on the nipples. Is it normal and how to cure it?
Answer: I too have this problem but its normal feed 2 breast alternativly and rub some breastmilk on that crack and also make sure baby latch correctly
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Question: Getting cracks in nipples due to breastfeeding how to cure it ?
Answer: Keep breast milk around the nipple ,let it dry and later wash....our breast milk works as a antibacterial
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Question: Hey my daughter is 16 days old.. while breastfeeding i m getting cracks in my nipples and it is very hurtful plz can u suggest me something to cure these
Answer: Hi, please check the latching. Sometimes due to poor latching it happens. Also apply breastmilk on it to heal. Even a nipple care ointment can be applied but make sure to wash it properly before feeding the baby. If the cracks are more then use nipple shield while feeding the baby.
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