4 months old baby

Question: Hi, my baby is 54 days old and he has gastric and reflux issues and he cries alot. I want to know can i give colicaid to him as doctor has said to only give the drops when the baby is extremely crankly but my baby suffers and cries alot everyday. Please suggest

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Answer: Take hing a pinch in warm water, wet cotton ball in it and put on naval for 2-3 minutes.. No side effects, no need to tk any medicine, whenever you feel he is suffering do cycling exercise slowly slowly he'll enjoy too
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Question: hiii everyone, sometimes my baby cries in the night time wht shuld i do? when he cries i am using colicaid drops to him it works only for one hr and again he starts crying plz give solution for this.
Answer: mostly babies cry due to hunger and wet nappy. giving colicaid on daily basis is not good. newborns want mother lap to sleep. you should manage yourself according to your baby.
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Question: My baby keeps getting colic pain and cries allot.. Every time he cries I give him colicaid drops and he becomes bit better.. What causes this colic pain? How to prevent this?
Answer: Eat ua food on time and have a healthy diet and avoid gassy foods.. Feed baby in a proper position.. Lactation may not b correct so while feeding ua baby.. Air goes inside.. Insert ur nipples fully in baby mouth not.. half
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Question: My baby is 20 days old and cries at night . Sometimes very restless also. How should i know if he has gastric issues and what is remedy for gastric issues in baby.
Answer: Hi,it can be ,you can try this Take warm mustard oul and massage in the baby s tummy this will give relief and will also put the baby to a sound sleep
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