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Question: Hi...My baby is 25 days now...i underwent C section and i bent to lift my baby from floor 3days back my back pain has increased does it go away on its own or is it a problem? Please answer

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Answer: It won't be any problem.just apply little Vick's or Nilgiri oil to ur back and give little hot towel compression. After c section back pain is common.
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    Srilakshmi Manjesh58 days ago

    Thank u Noor Jahan😊

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Answer: Hello! Haemorrhoids is mostly normal during and after pregnancy due to the pressure on the rectum and also constipation. It doesn't completely go away. But you need to take care of yourself to avoid any complications. Trying these: 1)Ensure you’re drinking enough fluids to avoid becoming dehydrated and constipated 2)Eat a diet of food that is high in fibre, including fruit, veg and wholemeal bread 3)Exercise regularly to help improve your circulation 4)Don’t strain whilst on the loo, take your time or try again later after drinking some water or eating some food high in fibre 5)Place a towel of wrung ice cold water on the piles to relieve the pain and irritation around your bottom 6)Carefully clean the area around your bottom after going to the loo. It might be easier to use moist toilet wipes rather than toilet tissue. It’ll also help to pat rather than wipe 7)You can attempt to gently push the piles back into the rectum using a lubricating jelly or when in the bath or shower 8)You can also speak to your doctor who will be able to prescribe any ointments or medication to help soothe the symptoms . Take care
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Answer: Hi! If you r comfortable u can else pls avoid and dont strain yourself.. Hope this helps!
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