4 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby is 4month 3days but yesterday she getting 3.5month injection but she is yesterday to now going loose meshon and fewer so plz help me what to do plz

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Answer: Hi,with that you should not give her vaccination as it is not advisable to give vaccination when the child has stomach upset cold or fever .you should wait till the baby settles
Answer: Hi dear, Please postpone the vaccination if the baby is unwell.you can have 14 days of time for the vaccination.letvth loose motion stop and then plan for vaccination.
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Question: Hi Baby is yesterday to now going loose meshon she is 4month 3days yesterday she was 3.5month injection so after she getting loose meshon so plz tell me what to do and she is also fewer plz help me
Answer: Hi dear dear, vaccination can only cause pain and fever and doens't effect baby in any other way.consult your doc if your baby continues to have loose motion n hope Ur little one gets well soon.
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Question: Hi my baby is going to complete 4 months but she has loose motion plz tell me what should I do
Answer: Hi dear, If it accompanies with fever then better to check with doctor.keep.breastfeeding,as it is the best rehydration source for baby now.donot give anything other than breast milk.if baby is in distress please show to doctor.
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Question: Hai my baby girl is 5 months old and she goes loose motion from yesterday what to do plz help me
Answer: Hi dear As the baby is having loose motions baby is too small to give any home remedies and so it is suggested to consult the doctor in the meanwhile you should continue to give breastfeed to the baby so that the baby is not dehydrated take care
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Question: My baby getting 4month 13days.but she have not giving 3.5month vaccine due to cold...plz suggest me late vaccine dnt promblem
Answer: Hi! Vaccine should not be given if the baby has cold, you decided correctly to postpone, it doesnt create any problem usually but dont be too late and also inform the Paed about delay Good luck!
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