2 months old baby

Question: Hi.... My baby is 2month and 4days old and she won't sleep at night only cry whole night. What day reason

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Answer: Hello dear Might be ur baby is hungry or having some pain such as ear pain, stomach pain etc. Following are the tips to deal with ur crying baby: 1. Just hold ur baby and make him lie on ur shoulder 2. Massage her back gently 3. Try to hold baby in different positions 4. Take ur baby outside so that baby can get fresh air 5. Sing in a low voice so that baby can sleep
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Question: My baby is 1&1/2 month old. She didn't sleep at night... What to do?
Answer: Hi dear..on some days it is common for Babies to not sleep at night times...due to some discomfort like gas or bloating or colic pain...so please keep an eye for any signs of pain or discomfort and let your pediatrician know if this happens repeatedly dear..
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Question: My baby is not sleeping at whole morning but very good sleep at night ...what is the reason any tips to sleep at morning
Answer: 4 month baby should take minimum 3-4 naps of more than hour during day. Baby gets tired and want sleep/nap after every 2 to 3 hours of awake Ness. Overtiredness make baby cranky and increase diffulty in going to sleep
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Question: My baby doesnt sleep deeply whole day nor night. What could be the reason?
Answer: dear all small babies do this at least first three months don't take any tension once your baby will complete 3 month her sleeping schedule will be changed
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