10 months old baby

Question: Hi.. My baby is 9 and half months old. He is not taking food earlier he used to eat properly bt now a days he has no interest in eating any thing whenever i give him something he doesn't open his mouth...he is not gaining weight also.. What to do.. Plz suggest..

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Answer: Hey as per my understanding It's babies theething time. So many babies refuse to take food Don't worry soon he will start his first routine In between start massaging to his teeth for two times a day with clean cotton swab he may feel good And give him small meals. Observe his behaviour He may start chew anything or unnecessary gets irritation. If these are the symptoms then it's theething time . Enjoy it dear
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Question: My baby is not at all showing interest in eating any type of food he wont even open his mouth
Answer: Hi! Please dont force the baby to eat, i know and can understand that how difficult it becomes when your baby rejects food and do not want to have anything. 1)Please try and introduce more variety to his platter, he will start accepting real soon. 2)Eat along include him in family meals 3)Dont force or distract feed 4)Encourage him to self feed. Try them his interest towards food will increase. Take care!
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Question: My baby is in his teething period & he has stopped eating everything. He only wnts milk. He used to eat dal rice & khichdi & different porridges but now he doesn't open his mouth. His potty is also greenish. Become very cranky. Always rubbing his gums uncontrollably. Also his cold is also not curing since a week. How to make him eat something?
Answer: Hello dear. It takes time for the baby to get back to normal once the teething settles. You can start with calcerea phos as it is homeopathic and helps babies in getting relief in teething. Some of the remedies to help if ur baby is teething-: Often, something cold in your baby’s mouthhelps. Try a cold pacifier, spoon, clean wet washcloth, or a solid (not liquid) refrigerated teething toy or ring. Some experts say frozen teething toys are too cold and may hurt your baby’s mouth. Make sure to clean teething toys, washcloths, and other items after the baby uses them. A hard, unsweetened teething cracker can be comforting. If your baby is older than 6-9 months, you can offer cool water from a sippy cup, too. You can also massage her gums by gently rubbing them with your clean finger. If the teeth haven’t come in yet, you can let your baby gnaw on your finger. If you’re nursing your baby, try dipping your fingers in cool water and massaging her gums before each feeding. That may keep her from biting your nipple while nursing. Hope this helps.
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Question: Hello.initially my baby ready to open his mouth whenever i feed him..but now he is not opening his mouth.not taking any kind of solid food.please help me
Answer: Try to give his favorite food first.. Than mix other food which you want to feed him.. Try to know his interest.. which food he like more
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