9 months old baby

Question: Hi My baby is 9 months old.. how to treat heat boils on face

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Answer: Hi dear, this could be due to hot and humid climate. Here are some home remedies to treat heat rashes first of all dry the skin let the skin come in contact with air allow the skin to breathe, avoid rubbing the area with towel. Rub ice cubes on heat rashes this will work wonder another remedy is there. Keep ur baby in comfortable cotton clothes so that the air can pass easily. Take care
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Question: How to treat heat boils for 10 months old baby??
Answer: Hii do follow the below tips to cure heat rashes to babies.  Rashes form in the regions & folds of skin where sweat collects. Sweating leads to swollen, itchy areas causing discomfort.  Neem-Curd Paste  Grind 20-25 neem leaves, add 1/2 spoon turmeric powder, 1 tsp curd and make a paste of it. Apply on the affected areas.  Sandalwood Paste  Mix 2 tsp of sandalwood powder with coconut or  rose water. Make a smooth paste and apply to get earlier relief.  Cucumber-Mint Paste  Grind 1 whole cucumber and 10 mint leaves. Add 1 tsp curd, make a smooth paste. It helps in combating heat rashes.  Chickpea Flour Paste  Mix 3 tsp of chickpea flour with 1 tsp rosewater & 1 tsp curd. Apply it once a day for the next three consecutive days.  Ginger Water  Boil a small piece of ginger in 1 cup of water. Let it cool then using a washcloth dab the ginger water on the affected areas.  Precaution  Before applying anything on baby’s skin make sure that baby is not allergic to it.
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Question: How to treat heat boils for 2 months baby . it's on her face n entire body .
Answer: Check properly is it jeat boils r chicken pox as u mentioned it is entire body . Go for checkup.
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Question: How to treat heat boils for 9 month baby
Answer: Apply coconut oil and avoid wearing pampers... Give fruits(juice) to make body cool
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