2 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby is 47 days old . His weight is 4.05 now . When he was born he was 3.3 . Please let me know if his weight currently is fine. He is only on breast feed

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Answer: As ur baby is very small so u dont worry about his weight. If ur baby is taking proper breastfeed and is active enough then u need not to worry as he will automatically gain weight because mothers milk contains all essential nutrients
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Question: Hi my baby boy is 46 days old . He is on breast feed now..my in laws are asking to give ragi powder to the baby . But when given his he is not pooping . I stopped the powder now he is again on breast feed he is properly pooping . Should I give bonnisan drops as well for this . Am confused . Please help
Answer: Babies should be exclusively on breastfeed for six months...so please don't give anything to baby except ur milk...you can wait for 7 days max for your baby to poop as bf milk is easily digestible and less waste to poop...if he is crying n the stomach is hard,try to massage his belly with coconut oil in circular motion and make the legs peddle which helps to release gas for baby
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Question: Hi.. my baby is 10 days old. She is on both mother and formal feeding. Let me know when and how to increase baby's feed.
Answer: Hi...U should feed ur baby for atleast 20 to 30 minutes to ur baby at a time. Also u have to feed ur baby after every 2 hrs because as ur baby is small he will pass urine after every feed because of which ur baby will again feel hungry.
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Question: My baby is 3months old he becomes so dark black but when he born he was pinkish white colour please suggest me to improves my baby colour
Answer: Color changes by time .....don't worry use olive oil to massage your baby
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