3 months old baby

Question: hi my baby is 3 month old some time here one eye is crossed inwards is this aaa serious problem I am so scared. when will it get cure and how to cure it any one pls help

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Answer: Hello dear don't worry nothing will happen baby's roll their eyes... however you can mention it to your doctor once in next visit they will examine and have a better look 😊
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Question: Jaundice in one month old baby.. how much time it will take to cure it??
Answer: I did it depends on the level of Jaundice, keep feeding your baby with breast milk as much as possible, also keep your baby in morning sunlight for 5 to 7 minutes this will lower down the bilburine level
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Question: My stomach is flat when will our stomach get big ..I m scared any problem
Answer: Hi dear. Baby bump will be seen prominently from second trimester. Its too early for u to look for it and worry about it. Enjoy ur pregnancy
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Question: my baby is 3 days old and he got jaundice..how will it get cure?
Answer: Hello dear welcome to the world of motherhood!!! Mild jaundice will usually resolve on its own as a baby’s liver begins to mature. Frequent feedings (between 8 to 12 times a day) will help babies pass bilirubin through their bodies. More severe jaundice may require other treatments. Phototherapy is a common and highly effective method of treatment that uses light to break down bilirubin in your baby’s body. In phototherapy, your baby will be placed on a special bed under a blue spectrum light while wearing only a diaper and special protective goggles. A fiber-optic blanket may also be placed underneath your baby.
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