2 years old baby

Question: hi...my baby is 2 yr old ...bt his eating time table is worse,only junk food n unhealthy items.plz give me suggestions for healthy food

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Answer: Try to teach him that these food are not good for u like in pizza there r a big lion n monkey whatever he is scared tell him ....Nd gave him other good luck paratha pizza ,sooji pizza,chach rabdi,banana shake,etc.nd try to let him out to fast food
Answer: Firstly keep ur family safe from junk food automatically ur child will forget that foods and try to give him more of fresh fruits n veggies.
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Question: My baby is 6 month old.. shes not eating food... she prefers only milk.. give me some suggestions
Answer: Hello ! It is fine if your baby is not having anything. He is just 6 months and have recen started with semi solids. Do not rush or try to force feed. This is something most important you need to remember. Always make sure the baby is sitting straight on your lap or in a booster /high chair with proper support in the back. Food for the your baby should be without salt or sugar atleast till the age of 12 months, dont worry since your baby doesn't know the taste there will not be a problem. Breastmilk is the primary food for your baby till 12 months and solids or semi solids are only to complement the milk. These are the basic things which you should remember and also are important for both of your. Now coming to the point of feeding your baby, if your baby is accepting only one spoon, be it one spoon only. If your babysitting is not at all accepting anything, then give a gap of few more days and then offer again. Be little patient and try different varieties of food. Let him take what ever he wants to. Don't put stress on finishing the food. Rather then focusing on quantity, focus on the quality of food. Add or cook in ghee to increase calories. Once baby is 7 months, introduce him dry fruits in powder form. Add little powder to his porridge and serve him. Hopefully this has been helpful to you... Happy parenting.
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Question: Eating junk food during pregnancy..is it safe..m 4 month pregnant...n i have craving for junk food...m worried eating junk can harm my baby
Answer: Hello dear eating junk food dont harm you an d your baby but it has some effect on your abbys decelopmemt. You and your baby need a good amount of nutrients during pregnancy for healthy weight gain in you and proper development of brain, bones, organs and immune system in your baby.Junk foods certainly not help you meet these nutritional demands. If you consume junk food, it does not provide you nutrition. Rathe ryou can take fruits, nuts, vegetables. Take snacks which are baked not fried. Junk food may cause you and your abby obese.
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Question: My baby is 8 month old ...plzz give the time table for giving food
Answer: Hi! Your 8 months old baby should transition towards home made food now with different variety and texture, you shud offer what you as a family eat and make the babg habituated, baby should take 2 meals + 2 snacks at 8 months rest all milk becz till 1 yr of baby's age milk remains the main source of nutrition, you can offer breakfast and lunch milk in between and evening or afternoon snacks and dinner.. Hope this helps!
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