3 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby is 2 months n 2 weeks old, when can i start giving her formula milk in feeding bottle?? Can i feed her through feeding bottle?

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Answer: Why do.you want to give formula milk. Continue exclusive breastfeeding for first six months to baby.
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Question: My baby is 2 months old and is on both breast feed as well as formula feed. When can i start to feed him formula milk with bottle?
Answer: Hello dear, you can start now, you can give 90 to 120ml per feed 4 to 6 feed a day to ur baby . Rest try to give breastmilk if possible as it is the best thing to have for baby growth. Kindly make sure to sterilise the bottle after every use and make the milk after reading a proper qty instruction. Don't use the formula milk after opening the packed of 3 weeks. It get expire after that. Hope it helped Take care urself....
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Question: My baby girl is 4 months old ,I am feeding her formula milk ,when can I start her food .
Answer: Hi sis. You'll have to start solids only after 6 months. Till then Breastmillk or formula milk would be sufficient. Take care.
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Question: I don't have sufficient milk for my baby I give her formula milk also. Can I feed her milk through milk bottle please help now 3 months old
Answer: Yes..u can feed through milk bottle..just use good brand bottle and sterlize bottles after every use.
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