4 months old baby

Question: Hi, my baby is 2 and a half month old and he doesn't sleeps during the day time. He hardly sleeps for 2 hour and at night he wakes up after every 1 hour. Is this a matter of concern??

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Answer: No, people will say this or that but he's okay.. He'll tk time to set up.. It on him how much he'll take my daughter took 6 month
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Question: My baby doesn't sleep at night.. During day time too.. Every half an hour she wakes up.. I donno what to do
Answer: Don't allow the babies to sleep more in day time....encourage the baby to play ....and provide healthy meal in ngt....next one, should give warm bath before going to bed
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Question: My baby girl does not sleep whole day hardly she sleeps in a day for one and half hour and at also she wakes up enumber of times
Answer: Hi don't worry this is common among babies..I would suggest you to give more play time to baby.. The more will get tired..then she with have sound sleep...so give her more time for playing or crawling if she does...
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Question: My baby do not sleeps properly. He is 8 months old. Day tym he sleeps only for one ND a half hour even during this period he wakes up 2 3 times. What could be the reason
Answer: First of all may be his stomach is not full so try to feed him before letting him sleep Second thing is let him play so that he is tired then he will sleep well. If he is not tired his sleep will b not so deep. And he will wake up every few minutes. All the best.
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