3 months old baby

Question: hi my baby is 2.5months.she is having both fm & bm. she waa pooping 8-10 times a day.but from past 3-4 days she poops oncea day or some times not.once in 2 days .im worried is there any problem.what to do.shoukd I go go doc

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Answer: This is normal only.
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Question: My baby s 10 months old.. past three days he poops 3 or 4 times per day...how to treat it..
Answer: It's due to gas formation. Gas formation is common in babies as their digestive system is weak. Take care of your diet if you are feeding, as food which causes indigestion and acidity to you can bring gas problems to baby. Apply warm oil on babies tummy and massage, exercise babies legs as if baby is cycling, you drink lot of water especially before and after feeding.Boil ajwain in water add sugar and give one spoon of water everyday evening and morning. If baby cries due to pain, you need to consult doctor and start colicaid drops. As long as baby is active, taking feed well nothing to worry.Take care
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Question: My baby was on both fm and bm..but from some days she is not taking formula milk.what can be done so that she likes fm again
Answer: Aap timing change Kr k dekhe . Or try kre 2 3 din avoid kre phir delete dekhe . Ya aap fm ki brand change of k dekhe
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Question: My baby is 6 months old.. from the past two days she poops 3-4 times per day....then inbetween 2 times she poops in drops... I started solid food also ... Is it normal
Answer: Its normal...i also faced the same..
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