Few days old baby

Question: Hi my baby is 1 month old she is passing gas from yesterday but not passed motion

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Answer: Hi dear. It's completely normal for not passing stools for 2 days. Keep him hydrated continue breastfeeding.. If symptoms persist consult your pediatrician
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Question: Hi, My baby is 1 month 3 days old. She is not passed stool from last 2 days. From yesterday she puts lots of pressure but stool is not passed. She is on bm only.
Answer: Hi if she is taking bm properly and her tummy is not hard tn it's ok if she doesn't pass till 7 days. Actually Baby can pass 7 times in a day or once in 7 days is normal only. If she release gas thats enough but u r telling she is trying to pass by pressure tn u just try betel leaf Apply caster oil on betel leaf and heat it after cooling it keep it on baby tummy ( little warm is okay). Tc
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Question: my baby is 20 days old ,she is passing urine properly but from yesterday she is not passing motion way to do but urine is passing
Answer: Hello! It is fine and nothing to worry. If on breastmilk then if the baby passes sto once in 10 days also it is normal.
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Question: Baby is passing gas but not done motion since yesterday...he is 1 month old ..please help
Answer: do not worry breastfeeding baby generally not poo 7to 8days
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