1 months old baby

Question: Hi, My baby is 1 month 3 days old. She is not passed stool from last 2 days. From yesterday she puts lots of pressure but stool is not passed. She is on bm only.

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Answer: Hi if she is taking bm properly and her tummy is not hard tn it's ok if she doesn't pass till 7 days. Actually Baby can pass 7 times in a day or once in 7 days is normal only. If she release gas thats enough but u r telling she is trying to pass by pressure tn u just try betel leaf Apply caster oil on betel leaf and heat it after cooling it keep it on baby tummy ( little warm is okay). Tc
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    Sukanya Mhetar817 days ago


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Question: My baby is 20 days old, she didnt passed stool from last 3 days..... Plz suggest ..
Answer: Congratulations for you and baby I can understand how worried you must be now This is due to gas formation and indigestion Generally babies at that stage tend to develop indigestion and gas very quickly as their digestive system is very sensitive Take care of latching while feeding Formula is hard to digest You need to check your diet Avoid spicy food Avoid any food that your system can't digest Give baby oil massage on stomach with warm oil castor oil is best Give warm water with sugar as it helps to get relief from constipation You can give 15 to 20 times in a day If baby is crying due to pain or discomfort u have to use colicaid As long as baby is active and taking feeding normally don't worry Take care
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Question: My baby is 22 days old, from last 2 days she had not passed stool
Answer:  Keep breastfeeding your baby dear. Make sure in what you are eating because whatever you eat that directly effects the baby. Avoid eating spicy oily gassy food which make baby constipated or they get loose motion. Your diet should be very mild and we'll balanced. Drink lots of water dear. Give baby tummy time twice a day, massage baby's stomach using castor oil clock wise and anti clock wise motion which helps releasing gass and pass stool. Make baby legs like bicycle paddle moments helps in construction to pass motion.
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Question: My baby 2 months old has not passed motion from 3 days. Any suggestions? She is completely on BM
Answer: Do not worry. Its completely normal. Its one of the signs of gaining weight.
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