2 months old baby

Question: hi my baby is 1.2 years old . he keeps running and walking . so my question is while running you know sometimes it happens that he falls and he is hurt on the back side of his head and on his forehead. so I am really worried that you know too much of falling , will it affect his brain system in future time because I have heard it is not too good. He keeps falling again and again .. I tried to protect him but sometimes I become helpless any suggestions please

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Answer: Hello congratulation on being a mother... I know it's our duty to protect and fear for our child and think for there future . But that is perfectly normal, don't be too controlling Just relax.. That is the way he will learn things. Hope this helps
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Question: My baby is three months old and I have been brestfeeding daily.. He keeps all his fingers into mouth and sometimes into eyes too.. So is it safe to use a pacifier or soother?
Answer: No it is not safe to use a pacifier or a soother. I personally had a very bad experience with the pacifiers as it got stuck into my babys mouth and almost choked her and she couldn't even cry for help. Putting fingers in the mouth is a milestone as they explore their body later they will also put their toes in their mouth
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Question: My baby keeps pulling his ears off and on. He is 7months old. Is it normal as he doesnot cry or anything just keeps pulling his left ear.
Answer: Same problem...My baby also... Maybe am thinking about coming teeth this age...So due to that reason ear pulling
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Question: For the last week my baby is hitting his head with whatever he has on his hands.and sometimes hitting his head on floor also and feeling happy with that. But it is hurting him sometimes.why is he doing so?
Answer: some baby will be like that dont get worryed just divert them and play soon they will overcome that
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