2 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby having dry green color debris in outer canal of ear..can i remove it

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Answer: Yes use good quality ear buds (cotyon swab) and very gently remove them. Don't force the swab in ear. Use separate swab for each ear. Do it every week ir whenever u see something around ear. Once done, dip one clean swab in olive /mustard /baby oil and wipe that area clean.
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Question: My daughter is two months old.. Her right ear expels dark brown debris n her inner ear looks wet sticky white in color. Other ear s dry n shows dry yellow flakes.. Is her right ear infected.. or it is normal.. so i need to consult doctor
Answer: Dear if there is white sticky discharge it could be infection. Is she experiencing any kind of pain in the ear. I would say just to be on safer side consult and ENT because that white sticky discharge is also not normal to have from the ear is usually due to the infection. Hope it helps.
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Question: By birth my baby have green color in some areas of his body..How to remove...any home remedy...what is the causes of it
Answer: U can give small quantity of seedless black grapes water
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Question: My 6 month baby have an ear infection and swelling inside ear canal wht can i do
Answer: Hi dear if the baby has your infection please do not try anything at home take the baby to the pediatrician baby might need medication to treat the condition . Hope this helps!
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