9 months old baby

Question: Hi, my baby have eye discharge from afternoon, any advice?

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Answer: Hi dear do you have not mentioned the texture of the discharge if it is watery then it can be due to cough and cold and if it is fake or yellowish and all of a sudden it is happening then also it can be an indication of cough or cold if the baby is prone to can happen soon that is why it is getting discharged from the eye, but if there is no cough and cold symptoms when it will be better to take the baby to the doctor.. Hope this helps!
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Answer: Hi,you should consult your Dr to give antivomiting meds. You should increase the intake of fluids You should give home made ors take six teaspoon of sugar and one teaspoon of salt in one litre of water and boil it and after it is cooked down you should give this to your baby throughout the day.so that the baby is not dehydrated
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Question: my baby is 6 months old and from afternoon continue watering from left eye observed. pls suggest remedy as she is crying because of swelling in eye.
Answer: my baby also facing same problem..but while watering she was not crt
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Question: Hi my baby eye is red in colour from yesterday pls give any home remedies
Answer: U can put a little drop of breast milk it will clean the eye it has antimicrobial activity too
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