16 months old baby

Question: Hi.. My baby has completed 15months now.Every month is getting cold.Please suggest the food which improves his immunity power

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Answer: Hello! After completion of one year, babies easily fall sick. This is how they develop their immunity. Though it is difficult for us to see but it is common in this age. You can add little turmeric with milk and give it to the baby for increasing immunity. Also if breastfeeding, it is the best way to increase the immunity. Take care
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Question: My baby is getting ill frequently.. can any suggest how to gain immunity power for 11 months baby..
Answer: . Pure honey with ginger or sauth powder every day one big spoon. Tulsi plus red leaves on neem twice in a week. One lemon serving a day divided in both kids equally with himalyan pink salt or kala namak. Seasonal fruits:- guava, cherry, plum, kiwi, dates When in cough,:- black pepper +tulsi leaves5+ 1 laung keep in mouth and sip in the building saliva. Ginger dates lukewarm milk at night with a pinch of turmeric. Waking baby up in morning and giving half a glass of lukewarm water from a copper vessel. Dry roast the garlic with cover and give to your babies to peel and eat once it is golden brown. Giving mulethi with honey. Giving turmeric water lukewarm in morning specially in cold season. Hope these will help you make your baby strong. Take care.
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Question: I have 4yrs old girl baby and 14mnts old baby What is the best food to increase the immunity power.
Answer: Hello dear,  Your baby always get ill  and not able to digest food because the week immunity system.first u should try to build it...Increase veggie and fruit intake as well as foods with Essential Fatty Acids (nuts, seeds and fish), decrease dairy, refined and processed foods and increase local/organic foods. It’s extremely important that we keep our digestion healthy and feed ourselves good foods. Go for lots of colorful whole foods....In the winter, we don’t get outside as much so our bodies don’t make as much Vitamin D. Vitamin D is very important in the immune system, so get the kids out to play as much as possible.sunlight is good source of vitamin D. Hope it helped, Take care ur little one...
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Question: My baby is getting cold every monh and that lasts for 1 month.. please suggest any measures to built his immunity power to avoid cold very often
Answer: Hi dear, Cold in babies is very common ,as the immunity right now stays week.keep breastfeeding to develop stronger immunity.give steam to baby,by keeping the steamer or boiled pot of water Inna closed room.you can also put few drops of eucalyptus oil in it.pump out the nasal mucous using nasal pump.use baby nasal saline spray in each nasal cavity.this will unblock the nose.massage baby feet,palm and chest with warm mustard oil.garlic and ajwain fumes can clear the congestion too.Älso refer the healofy app for daily updates on baby development and growth,as well as pregnancy care.it also gives you enormous info on post delivery baby care and diet.donot miss out!
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